Congratulations Dr. Peter Yang! 

Peter successfully defended his thesis, “Analysis of Gene Expression Heterogeneity Reveals Novel Regulators of Metastasis,” on October 18th!

He explained his novel approach to sorting through Big Data to examine noel metastasis regulators and therapeutic strategies and got to reflect on his PhD experience in both cancer and COVID-19 research. As Dr. Rosner put it, Peter has been one of the people key to maintaining the lab, being responsible for photography, development of the lab website, orders and protocols, and bioinformatics. Rosner lab members and friends had a wonderful time watching his defense and celebrating with him. We are also excited and happy to learn from Peter in taking pictures and updating the website this time 🙂

Thesis Committee: Kay Macleod, Geoffrey Greene, Sebastian Pott, Akash Patnaik, and Marsha Rosner

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